Street Fighter IV Volt iPhone App Features

Street Fighter IV 

Street Fighter IV

•Seventeen playable characters including three never available on iOS before – Balrog, Vega and Cody

•Battle against friends via Bluetooth and for the first time via WiFi!

•Traditional “2D” Street Fighter gameplay perfected for the iPhone.

Street Fighter IV

Street Fighter IV gives you robust move sets including Unique Attacks, Special Moves, EX Moves, Super Combos and Ultra Combos

•Fully customizable “Visual Pad” control system. Place the D-pad and buttons anywhere on the screen.

•allows you to execute moves through multiple key combinations and shortcuts making the game accessible to casual players, while still challenging to hardcore fans.

Street Fighter IV

•Unlock special avatar bonuses as you play V.S. matches via WiFi and Bluetooth

Street Fighter II was the original one-on-one fighting game allowing players to choose from a selection of player characters and various moves, this option allowed for previously unknown levels for the player to experience depth and the ability to play over and over achieving different scenarios, something that no prveious arcade game had achieved to the same degree. The game produced characters with a number of fighting styles and moves of up to 30 or more, new to the arcade genre were the wrestling or grappling moves, including throws, also each character had his own specialised attacks either two or three unique to them.

As a single-player the avatar character fights seven major opponenents and then finally comes up against four 'boss' opponents, and to add to the excitement these computer opponenets were control of the player

A second player s allowed to join in at any time even when in single player mode allowing the two players to fight each other competitively and also in competition with computer opponents with the multiple available characters allowing for more varied matches.

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